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"I may write anything I want, U may think anything U want"
"The right to write, it's mine. To judge ? it's yours"

Kami dah kahwin ! yeaayy !

Muhammad Zulfa Nabil

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


berhenti menulis blog utk sementara...pasni xblh nak commit dah...will b bz working n sleeping..huhu...till we meet again...daa~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

this song most likely happens to everyone~

i'm included...and it hurts..

setelah kupahami
ku bukan yang terbaik
yang ada di hatimu

tak dapat kusangsikan
ternyata dirinyalah
yang mengerti kamu
bukanlah diriku

kini maafkanlah aku
bila ku menjadi bisu
kepada dirimu

bukan santunku terbungkam
hanya hatiku berbatas
tuk mengerti kamu
maafkanlah aku

walau kumasih mencintaimu
kuharus meninggalkanmu
kuharus melupakanmu
meski hatiku menyayangimu
nurani membutuhkanmu
kuharus merelakanmu

dan hanyalah dirimu
yang mampu memahamiku
yang dapat mengerti aku

ternyata dirinyalah
yang sanggup menyanjungmu
yang lama menyentuhmu
bukanlah diriku

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


huhu...demam lagiiiiii...tension..mesti sbb asik kua je...xckup tido n rehat....tp b4 start keje ni mau lepak ckup2..huhu...sape2 yg ade kat area 13 skg ni, bole la dtg join sy kat rafi...lepak2..n then p kedai zul yahya...bersyisya plak..hehe

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hidup baru~

number da tukarrr...yeayy..finally...da xde lg da anonymous number yg msg n call..huhu....n now i'm back in shah alam...living my life as usual...n i'm about to getting back my fun life..!! hehe...so far semua ok...cume asik xckup tido jee...asik kua je..huhu...so now nak tido smpi mlm...bgun nnt nak p bershisha dgn ira..hehe...gudnite everyone~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

kena marah... T_T

hari2 bangun lmbat, hr ni sy kna mrh dgn mak..huhu...mak ckp 'tu la online smpi pg...nnt mak tutup intenet tu br tau..' huhu...mesti la mak mrh kan sy bgun lmbt...xde sape nak tlg mak msk..sorry makkkk...xsengaja....igtkan xnak tido trus..pas tlg mak br tido mcm hari tu...tp nak bt cene..sy merancang, Allah jua yg menentukan...huhuhu

hr ni xde plan nak bt pape...maybe juz stay at home...dgn kepanasan cuaca thp t'tggi mcm ni, mmg xdo la den nak kua..haha..mcm hr2 biase...tgk tv je lah..sunday blues~
when u look inside a girl's heart,
u'll see the struggle it takes
to get thru all the craps in her life...
u'll see all the lies, the bullshits
and the times she wished she was dead...
but most of all, u'll see how hard it was
to let go of the asshole who acted like
he actually CARED...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

what hurts d most is being so close..

I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house
That don't bother me
I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out
I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while
Even though going on with you gone still upsets me
There are days every now and again I pretend I'm ok
But that's not what gets me

What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was tryin? to do

It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go
But I'm doing It
It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone
Still Harder
Getting up, getting dressed, living with this regret
But I know if I could do it over
I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart
That I left unspoken

What hurts the most
Is being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do

What hurts the most
Is being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do

Not seeing that loving you
That's what I was trying to do

stupid in love~

i stood there and was thinking...then..

i walked thru my life and felt incomplete..then..

i ran coz i thought i can feel better than this..

but now i'm falling down coz i'm tired of pretending..

i need u my missing piece...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

dont judge a book by its cover..huhu

this is so trueeeee....trust me..hehe...sometimes what we look isn't d same like what it really is..happened to me like hundred times..huh...first thing first, i dedicate dis entry to someone who was once my closest friend and was like a daughter to my family..what looks good on the outside sometime just doesn't good on the inside..this suits her..perfectly....tadaaa..congrats to u sister...oppsss, not anymore...can i call u 'back stabber'?? if u allow me lah...but if u dont, who cares huh..i forgave u but i never forget...like forever....

and...i dedicate dis entry to myself..hehe...why eh??? let me tell u...people always see me as a lucky girl...they see me laughing, smiling, having fun...they think i am pretty and have almost everyhing...some of them think i am great till they feel shame to befriends with me..hmmm...but people do not know d truth bout me...behind my smile, there is pain...behind my laugh, there's suffer...i love to having fun coz i need to forget my misery life....yeahhh...my life is a misery...i always crying inside my heart...i get jealous when i see other people having a great n happy life.....i didn't finish my study...i have no job...i am broke...and d saddest thing ever, i have never had a great love life....yes i admit there's lots of guys who want me....take me as their gf...people might see me as a player...but only i know what's inside my heart...its hard for me to fall in love...but everytime i fall for someone, trust him, loving him with all my heart..in the end i'll be left broken hearted...this is so sad...i can't take d pain anymore...i'm tired of trying...and i always wonder ' bile aku nak bahagia mcm org lain?? '...aku pecinta yg setia tp kenapa susah nak cari org yg bole syg aku ikhlas n jujur....hmmm...only god knows....

huisshh...hari raya mcm ni xmo sedih la..huhu...3rd raya already..hehe...everybody must be tired of visiting n collecting duit raya kan...me included!! haha...i'm taking dis chance to wish u all a happy eid syawal....minta maaf zahir n batin...till we meet again in d next entry..sayonara~