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Friday, May 4, 2012

budak baru belajar balik semula

wow da lebih setahun rasanya x update...semua sebab lupa password -__- now idk what to update...so much things i've missed to tell...what a waste *sigh*
currently i live my life a bit different from before...diff bf, diff close friends, diff place, diff environment, diff way to have fun and bla bla bla...kadang2 rindu gila nak balik ke KL....5 years in there and now i'm stuck in a place that i never had thought i would be here...pretty uneasy at first till i found new close friends yg sama kepala je and now i appreciate them for making me loving melaka :D
errr dunno what more to say here...mcm pending pulak rasa...haha...guess i'll stop here till my next post..see ya :D

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